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How can we save you money on your VoIP telephone bills?

We will audit your current VoIP phone bills for possible ways to save you money.

Then attempt to get you better pricing from the VoIP carriers and VoIP Service providers.

Lastly - we will have a few web meetings to help you determine the best VoIP Phone systems for your company.


1. New VoIP Phones included with program.

3. Better pricing - we will provide you in most cases better prices - that means a cheaper monthly bill for all your VoIP phone service!

4. Multiple locations - No problem! 

We are experts at helping companies with multiple locations and national footprint. Make your new VoIP system be interconnected. So that all your locations are on the same phone system and clients can stay within the same phone systems no matter what location or business department they wish to speak too.

5. Have old in-house phone system and ready to move to new VoIP phone system, no Problem!  We are experts at helping clients migrate to a modern VoIP phone systems. 

6. You need choices - No Problem!

Once we talk about your needs we can provide detailed information on some of the leading VoIP phone system on the market today and help you decide which service provider and phones are best for your needs.

No Fee, and No Obligation - Free Audit, and Quote(s) for your VoIP Phone service.

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Provide to us what you need in number of phones and any special services.
If all ready using a traditional service or out of contract VoIP Service.
Please include the current phone service bill.
Service Agents - (949) 579-9341 #4
Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Request Service Form - Document button

Please download and print the form.

Follow instructions on form and fax or email back to us.




Simple and Comprehensive Consultations & Audits

We understand the value of time. Your time as well as ours, because of this we do not waste it with fancy meetings, or long dry talks. We will ask you to provide service bills and we will review them. We will ask basic easy to understand questions in an attempt to help you. Not confuse you, push something that you do not need or attempt to misdirect you in any way. In the end, we will try to provide a positive way to help save your company money.