How can we save your business money on your electric bills?

We will audit your current electric bills for possible ways to save you money.

Then attempt to get you better pricing from the electric carriers in your area.

We do this by shopping your electric bill to other competitors in the area.

The other electric providers will usually fight to get you as their new client.

They do this by offering your company a cheaper monthly rate on your electric gas bill.

(Only some states apply for competitive rate comparisons - See MAP)


Lastly, review possible solutions that will save on your business electric bills such as:

Multiple locations, schools, campuses, business offices, stores, and restaurants - No problem!


No Fee, and No Obligation - Reviews and Quotes

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Legend Energy

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Provide to us a current electrical bill and any ideas or concerns you may have on saving your company money on electric bill.
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Simple and Comprehensive Consultations & Audits

We understand the value of time. Your time as well as ours, because of this we do not waste it with fancy meetings, or long dry talks. We will ask you to provide service bills and we will review them. We will ask basic easy to understand questions in an attempt to help you. Not confuse you, push something that you do not need or attempt to misdirect you in any way. In the end, we will try to provide a positive way to help save your company money.