How can upgrading your business light systems save money on your business electric utility bills?

We can provide LED Lights for your parking lots and replace your business overhead lights with quality energy-efficient LED lights.

We help customers who are currently operating inefficient high-intensity discharge (“HID”), high-pressure sodium (“HPS”) and fluorescent lighting systems to replace them with LED light systems.

Our program custom designs manufacture distributes and installs energy-efficient retrofit solutions to commercial customers and governments. Our efficient lighting products leverage proprietary LED and Induction technologies that specifically adapt to existing infrastructures.



Site-specific data is obtained by completing an inventory of the current lighting system, including types and quantity of fixtures, the wattage of lights utilized, hours of operation and cost incurred per kilowatt-hour. Upon completion of this analysis, We will then recommend a Custom Lighting Solution to further enhance your location.


During these times of stressed capital budgets, businesses are seeking creative ways to stretch their limited resources. Our Program creates significant cost savings for electricity and lighting maintenance and a corresponding upgrade to the lighting system through the installation of newer, greener and more efficient lighting fixtures.

The Custom Lighting Solution (CLS) is installed at no capital cost to our Customers.

The impact on the bottom line is immediate and long-term. Using our LED system frees up capital for other investment programs that have a higher priority or projects with a higher return on investment. In signing an agreement with us, there is no balance sheet impact and no requirement to allocate funds for a capital program for greener lighting!

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Since each lighting solution is customized specifically to each business needs, architecture and existing solution, We need to visit your site before estimating how much you can save. Below is an example of the savings enjoyed by one of our Customers. By multiplying the yearly kWh savings below by an arbitrary $0.10 per kilowatt, we get to yearly savings of $91,401 – or $308 per fixture.

EXISTING 296 1,125 12 365 1,458,540
SOLUTION 296 420 12 365 544,522
        SAVINGS 914,018
          63% ENERGY SAVINGS

Yearly kWh consumption above are calculated using the following formula:
Quantity x Wattage x Hours/Day x Days/Year ÷ 1000.


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Contact us a call and we will set up an appointment with an agent who specializes in LED lighting to walk you through the program.
 We have many programs to help businesses save money on energy bills that can be combined to make a difference for you.
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Simple and Comprehensive Consultations & Audits

We understand the value of time. Your time as well as ours, because of this we do not waste it with fancy meetings, or long dry talks. We will ask basic easy to understand questions in an attempt to help you. Not confuse you, push something that you do not need or attempt to misdirect you in any way. In the end, we will try to provide a positive way to help save your company money.

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