Enterprise WIFI as a Service (SAAS):


Wifi AP -  Adtran - Bluesocket - $19.60 per month  / 2 yr contract

Web command console for management

Email Notification on being down from web console

Next business day swap out

8 x 5 support



When combined with our Firewalls:

  • ·Firewall security
  • ·Antivirus, Intrusion, Prevention, Phish Blocker, AdBlocker, Web Content Filter, Phone Home Blocker
  • ·Web Monitor, Failover, Balancer
  • ·Tunnel VPN, OpenVPN, IPsec VPN
  • ·Reports, Policy Manager
  • ·WIFI Landing Page


Procloud Analytics:

-  Allows capturing - customer info and customer trigger coupons, surveys and other things. + $23.54 per month per wifi device.

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